Hong Leong Islamic Bank – Shariah Audit

Shariah Audit


  • In line with the requirements under BNM Shariah Governance Framework, HLISB has set up Shariah audit function which forms part of the Group Internal Audit whose major functions is to conduct periodical assessments of HLISB in order to provide an independent assessment. Shariah audit is also conducted with the purpose to add value and improve on the degree of compliance in relation to HLISB’s business operations, mainly focusing on the objective of ensuring a sound and effective internal control system for overall Shariah compliance as outlined by BNM under the Shariah Governance Framework.


    All results of assessment or findings arising from the Shariah audit will be communicated to BARMC and HLISB Shariah Committee. Shariah audit would also be providing recommendations on rectification measures taken as well as following up on the implementation by the management of HLISB.

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