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Present your business the gift of efficiency and convenience, with comprehensive solutions designed to keep your business running smoothly. Hong Leong ConnectFirst helps you manage your business cash management effectively and efficiently.

Hong Leong ConnectFirst offers:

Cost-effective transaction anywhere

Convenient, all-in one online service

Comprehensive banking services

With Hong Leong ConnectFirst, you can:




Take Control of Your Account

Take charge of your business’s finances.  Track your cash flow with our online Account Management services and view your corporation’s latest account activities 24-hours a day.

  • Check real-time account balances 

  • View and download recent and past transactions 

  • View and download or print statements on daily or monthly basis 

  • View and download GST tax invoice 

  • View and download debit & credit notes 

  • View and download MT 940 or MT 942 statements 

Manage Your Cheques

Manage your corporation’s cheques information online.

  • Check real-time account balances 

  • View cheque status


Streamline Your Cash Flow with Better Payment Management

Enjoy a full range of payment services with enhanced safety and security features to pay suppliers, employees and bills confidently

  • Effortless fund transfer with instant email notification
  • Option to perform your loan/financing and bill payments via online template. 

  • Perform forward dated payments and transfers up to 30 days in advance
  • Pay GST, tax, and option to pay utilities and other bills online securely via JomPAY
  • Initiate money transfer locally or to overseas easily 

  • Set up payments via standing instruction

  • Handle payroll and statutory bodies payments with ease (EPF, SOCSO,Income Tax & Lembaga Tabung Haji) 

  • Option to perform your fund transfers, payroll and statutory payments via file upload
  • Pay HLB credit card bill directly
  • Financial Processing Exchange (FPX) is a convenient and secure online payment solution that allows real-time debiting of your customer’s internet banking account of multiple banks
  • Option to transfer fund instantly to other bank via Instant Transfer
  • Able to perform e-Share and e-Dividend


Accelerate Your Receivables

Discover a variety of customized options to help accelerate receivables and improve collection management.

  • Speed up your receivables through the issuance of e-invoice to your customers
  • Discover the secure and interactive system that allows you to reduce cost and deliver significant efficiencies to the financial 
supply chain
  • Quicken your collection management with an easy payment and reconciliation solution
  • View all payable and receivable transactions online so you can query, approve, manage and pay the transactions with just a click


Rates Information Easily Available

Access to treasury information with just a click

  • Inquire on Money Market information
  • Check the FOREX rate conveniently


Make Your Funds Work Harder

Optimise fund management processes and increase your treasury efficiency with a customised liquidity management solution.

  • Maximize profit income 

  • Centrally manage subsidiaries’ funds 

  • Improve cash management solution and excess fund management 

  • Monitor intercompany cash movements 

  • Increase control and streamline visibility over funds  

  • Generate Sweeping & Pooling report


Better Management of Your Fixed Deposit/-i

A simplified standardized direct online placement and withdrawal process. 

  • Make online placement and withdrawal anytime
  • Perform partial withdrawal, select mode of settlement and opt for auto renewal 


Trade Information at Your Fingertips

Access to your company’s latest trade transactions and facilities details online.

  • Retrieve your transaction history easily
  • Access your trade limit and utilization
  • Download trade forms, debit & credit advices and tax invoice

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