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Description / Service Fees / Charges*
Distribution of ASNB unit trust funds

For the fees and charges pertaining to unit trust funds, please refer to the respective fund's Prospectus/Information Memorandum/Product Highlights Sheet.

Service Charge for online subscription of Fixed Price Funds

RM1.00 per transaction

Service Charge for online subscription of Variable Price Funds

No charge

*Subject to Government Tax, if applicable

**Payable to ASNB. 


As an Agent to ASNB, the Bank will earn the following commission from ASNB:

  • Sale of ASNB Fixed Price Fund: 0.35% of transaction value done at the counter
  • Sale of ASNB Variable Price Fund (with advisory service by a Unit Trust Consultant registered with Hong Leong Bank): Up to 90% of the Initial Sales Charge for transaction done
  • Repurchase of ASNB Fund: 0.10% of transaction value done at the counter
  • Non-Financial Transactions: RM0.50 per transaction done at the counter

o    Fund Registration

o    Fund Switching

o    Death Benefit Claim (Khairat Kematian)

o    Change of Personal Particulars

o    Printing of Statement

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