Fees & Charges - Savings Account-i

Savings Account-i

Description / Service

Charges / Fees*

Dishonoured Cheque (Inward Return)
(for postdated reason only)


Lost Savings Passbook

(Applicable for Multi-tier Savings Account-I (Senior)

RM10.00 per passbook

RM10.00 for Letter of Indemnity

Close Account

Basic Savings Account-i

Other Savings Account-i

RM20.00 (within 3 months from opening)

RM20.00 (within 6 months from opening)

Changes to Account

Change of operating mandate
(Applicable only for nomination exceeding the number of mandate allowed)

RM10.00 per account 

Dormant Savings Account-i (No activity for 12 months and above)

Balance of RM10.00 and below 

Balance above RM10.00

Account closed and balance absorbed as service charge

RM10.00 yearly

Basic Savings Account-i

Over-the-counter (OTC) Visits (per month):

  • First 6 OTC visits


  • From the 7th OTC onwards


No charge


Waived until further notice

*Subject to Government Tax, if applicable

For enquiries connect with us online or drop by your nearest Hong Leong Bank Branch.