Fees & Charges - Pay & Save-i

Pay & Save-i

Description / Service Charges/ Fees*(exclusive of GST) GST (6%)* Charges/Fees*(inclusive of GST)

Interbank GIRO (IBG)


RM0.10 per transaction


RM0.11 per transaction


RM2.00 per transaction


RM2.12 per transaction

Service Charge
(where average balance for half year is below RM200)
RM5.00 half yearly
(June and December)
RM0.30 RM5.30 half yearly 
(June and December)
Debit Card-i Issuance Fee RM8.00 per card RM0.48 RM8.48 per card 
(waived until further notice)
Debit Card-i Annual Fee RM8.00 per card RM0.48 RM8.48 per card

*The fees & charges may vary according to the standard fees & charges of Savings Account-i, HL Connect and Debit Card-i.

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