HLISB Fees & Charges - Debit Card-i

HLISB Fees & Charges - Debit Card-i

Debit Card-i


Fees/ Charges*

Issuance Fee

Basic Savings Account-i / Basic Current Account-i (“BSA-i / BCA-i”)

No fee

Generic / Junior Debit Card-i

RM8.00 per card

Priority Banking (“PB”)

Pay & Save Account-I

UCSI Debit Card-i

No fee

No fee

No Fee

Annual Fee

BSA-i / BCA-i / PB/UCSI Debit Card-i

No fee

Junior Debit Card-i/Savings Account-i / Current Account-i other than BSA-i / BCA-I   

RM8.00 per card

“No fee” is applicable if the Debit Card-i is only linked to BSA-i / BCA-i. Otherwise, Debit Card-i Issuance Fee and Annual Fee will be charged accordingly.
Card Replacement Fee*


RM9.00 per card

BSA-i / BCA-i

RM12.00 per card

Savings Account-i / Current Account-i other than BSA-i / BCA-I

UCSI Debit Card-i

RM18.00 per card

No fee

*For damaged Debit Card-i due to the Cardholder’s fault and lost / stolen card.

ATM Cash Withdrawal


i) The Bank’s ATM

ii) Other Bank’s ATM


No fee

RM1.00 per transaction

Overseas (from Ringgit Malaysia balance)

i) Cross-Border Cash Withdrawal via PayNet MEPS Network

ii) Via Mastercard Cirrus


RM8.00 per transaction

RM12.00 per transaction

Overseas (from Multi-Currency Feature Enabled Account)

i) Via Mastercard Cirrus (with sufficient multi-currency balances)

RM12.00 (in Fixed Equivalent Foreign Currency**) or 2% of withdrawal amount per transaction, whichever is higher.


**Fixed Equivalent Foreign Currency:

i.              AUD4.50;

ii.             CAD4.00;

iii.            EUR3.00;

iv.            GBP2.50;

v.             HKD25.00;

vi.            JPY350;

vii.           NZD5.00;

viii.          SAR12.00;

ix.            SGD4.00;

x.             THB100;

xi.            USD3.00

Overseas Transaction

Transactions made in currencies other than Ringgit Malaysia

The transaction will be converted into Ringgit Malaysia on the date it is processed by Mastercard at the foreign exchange rate determined by Mastercard. The following additional fees will be charged on the conversion:

i. 1% transaction fee charged by Mastercard; and

ii. 1% foreign exchange conversion mark-up imposed by the Bank.

Transactions made in Ringgit Malaysia via Dynamic Currency Conversion (“DCC”)

For certain Overseas Transactions, Cardholder is given the option to use the DCC service to convert his/her transaction in foreign currency into Ringgit Malaysia. However, if DCC is selected:

i. The foreign exchange rate used by the overseas merchant for the DCC transaction may be higher than the exchange rate determined by Mastercard; and

ii. The Cardholder will be charged a 1% transaction fee on the converted Ringgit Malaysia amount, and such fee is imposed by Mastercard.

Weekly Statement Request (for Current Account-i only)

RM20.00 per month

Ad-hoc Printed Statement Request (for Current Account-i only)

RM 10.00 per request

i. Up to 1 year

ii. More than 1 year ago

RM2.00 per page

RM5.00 per page

Sales Draft Retrieval Fee

RM20.00 per copy

Reload Fee
(applicable for Hong Leong Junior Debit Card-i)

i. Auto-reload (sign up for SI)

No charge

ii. Reload via HL Connect, CDM and ATM

No charge

iii. Reload over-the-counter


*Subject to Government Tax, if applicable

For enquiries connect with us online or drop by your nearest Hong Leong Bank Branch.