Fees & Charges - Current Account-i

Current Account-i

Description / Service

Charges / Fees*

Issuance of Cheque Book

Stamp Duty of RM0.15 per cheque leaf

For Basic Current Account-i

Stamp duty of RM0.15 per cheque leaf

Return Cheques due to :

Insufficient Funds (onward return)

RM150.00 per cheque

Technical Reasons (onward return)

RM10.00 per cheque

Dishonoured Cheque (Inward Return)
(for post-dated reason only)

RM10.00 per cheque returned (imposed on payee)

Stop Payment

i)  Upon request

RM10.00 per cheque 

ii) Due to loss of cheque book

RM10.00 per instruction 

Upon presentation of stop payment cheque:

· if sufficient funds

· if insufficient funds


RM10.00 per cheque

RM150.00 per cheque

Statement Request

Weekly Statement Request


RM20.00 per month

Adhoc Statement Request

RM10.00 per request plus RM2.00 per page (for statement within one year)


RM10 per request plus RM5.00 per page (for statement exceed one year)

Cash Cheque at domicile branch
(No charge is applied to company representative/s encashing cheques on behalf of the company)

1st party (by accountholder) encashment

No charge

3rd party encashment


Basic Current Account-i

Over-the-counter (OTC) visits (per month)
First 6 OTC visits

No charges

From the 7th OTC onwards

Waived until further notice

Service Charge

Where average balance for half year is below RM1,000

RM10.00 every half year (June & December)

Where average balances of all Deposit Accounts of a Priority Banking Customer falls below RM100,000 for 3 consecutive months.


Close Account by Customer

Basic Current Account-i

RM20.00 (within 3 months from opening) 

Current Account-i

RM20.00 (within 6 months from opening, after 6 months no charge)

Changes to Account

Change of operating mandate
(applicable only for nomination exceeding the number of mandate allowed)


Mandate for operating account
(only the stamp duty is applicable)

RM10.00 for stamp duty per form

Dormant Basic Current Account (No activity for 12 months and above)

Balance of below RM10.00

Account closed and balance absorbed as charge

Balance of RM10.00 and above

RM10.00 yearly

Dormant Current Account-i (No activity for 6 months and above)

Balance of RM10.00 and below 

Account closed and balance absorbed as service charge

Balance above RM10.00

RM10.00 yearly

Handling Charges on Representing Cheques

RM50.00 per cheque

Cheque Processing Fee

RM0.50 per cheque

*Subject to Government Tax, if applicable

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