Fees & Charges - ATM Services

ATM Services

Description / Service Charges / Fees
Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Card
Annual Fee  
Basic Savings/Basic Current Account No charge
Other Savings/Current Account RM8 per card
Conversion/upgrade from ATM Card to Debit Card RM8 per card
Card Replacement Fee (Replacement to Debit Card) RM18 (For damaged ATM card due to customer's fault, PIN forgotten and lost/stolen card.) 

RM12 for Basic Savings/Basic Current Account 

RM12 for MEPS Cash refund purpose
 Description Fees / Charges GST (6%) Fees/Charges
(Inclusive of GST)
Cash Withdrawl  / Transfer
- HLB/HLISB ATM No Charge N/A No Charge
- Other Bank's ATM RM 1.00 per transaction
RM 0.06
RM 1.06 per transaction
- via MEPs ATM Network (Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Korea)
RM 8.00 per transaction
RM 0.48
RM 8.48 per transaction
Application for Share Draft RM1.00 per transaction RM1.06 RM1.00 per transaction
Application for IBG
RM 0.30 per transaction
RM 0.02
RM 0.32 per transaction
Interbank Funds Transfer
RM0.50 per transfer
RM 0.53 per transfer

*Product are available only at selected branches/business centres

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