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For more information or any queries about Hong Leong Online feel free to contact us at +603-7626 8899 or email us at HLOnline@
Who is eligible?
All E-Banking Services are opened to:
Individuals aged 18 and above
Individuals or Sole Proprietor who have an ATM card
Hong Leong Principal Credit Card holders

E-Banking FAQ

About Hong Leong Online
Using Hong Leong Online Personal
Personal Banking
Account or Card Maintenance
Funds Transfer
Credit Card Services
7. Service Request
8. e-Bill Payment
9. Internet PIN
10. What is a TAC?
11. What if I have another question?

About Hong Leong Online

What are the key benefits of Hong Leong Online personal?

  Hong Leong Online provides you with the convenience of accessing your bank accounts from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you are even after banking hours. Hong Leong Online is available 7 days a week, from 7.00a.m to 11.00p.m.
2. Who is eligible to register for Hong Leong Online?
You must be 18 years and above.
Individual or joint account holder with an active ATM Card.
Principal card holder of Hong Leong credit card.
Sole Proprietor who has an active ATM Card.
3. Is there any fee incurred when using Hong Leong Online personal?
  There are no fees for Hong Leong Online Personal. However, normal banking charges apply for transactions such as Stop Cheque Request, Statement Request and InterBank GIRO (IBG).
Using Hong Leong Online Personal
1. What are the minimum system requirements for using Hong Leong Online?
  We suggest the following as the minimum system requirements:-
Pentium PC (133 MHZ or better)
Window 95 or Windows NT Version 4 or better.
Modem at 28.8 kbps or better.
We recommend the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or better.
2. Can I access Hong Leong Online from anywhere in the world?
  Yes. Hong Leong Online personal can be accessed from anywhere in the world via Internet. All you need is a PC with Internet connection.
3. Can I still perform transactions at Hong Leong Bank branches after registering for Hong Leong Online personal?
  Yes. You can still perform transactions at our branches. Hong Leong Online Personal is an alternative channel for you to perform your banking transactions.
4. What if I forget about my username or my password?
If you have forgotten your username, you can call 03-7626 8808 and our Customer Service Officer will assist you.
If you have forgotten your password, you may click on "Reset Password" and create a new password to login to Hong Leong Online again. You will need an Internet PIN to create your new password.
5. Can I change my password at my convenience?
  Yes, you can change your Hong Leong Online Personal password at any time. In fact, we recommend that you change your password periodically to safeguard the security of your online transactions. Just click on "Update My Account" and "Change Password" to make the necessary password change. You will need a TAC to effect the change.
6. What if I key in my password wrong for 3 consecutive times?
  When your password has been entered wrongly on 3 consecutive attempts, your account will automatically be deactivated. Please click on "Reset Password" and create a new password to login to Hong Leong Online again. You will need an Internet PIN to create your new password and reactivate your account.
7. If my computer crashes or I get disconnected from the Internet halfway through, how would I know if my transaction has been affected?
  All you have to do is to log in again to check your "Transaction History" for the status of that transaction or view your account balance at "Account Summary". Alternatively, you could check whether your transaction was successful at "Successful Transactions".
8. What happens if I do not perform any activity during the log on time?
  Hong Leong Online will automatically logoff if there is no activity performed for more than 5 minutes.
9. What can be done if I suspect unauthorized access to my account via Hong Leong Online?
  You are advised to change your password immediately via the Change Password option if you suspect unauthorized access to your account via Hong Leong Online.
10. What happens if I perform a transaction, but do not have sufficient funds in my account?
  Your transaction will be unsuccessful.
11. What security protection does the bank provide to its customers who use Hong Leong Online personal?
  Hong Leong Bank has incorporated the following security features:

128- SSL bit encryption key to encrypt all the communicated data / account via Internet Banking.
8 character alphanumeric password for all online customers
Internet PIN for registration with Hong Leong Online and to reset your password.
Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) is required to authenticate selected financial transactions as a second layer of security.
Security Pictures and Secret Questions to confirm that you are accessing the genuine Hong Leong Online site
12. Will there be any reference for me if I performed a transaction via Hong Leong Online personal?
  You will receive an acknowledgment for any financial transaction performed via Hong Leong Online which will have a reference number. This page can be printed by clicking the "Print" button. For enquiries on account details and transaction history, you may print the page for your reference by clicking the "Print" button.
Personal Banking
1. Can I view my account transaction history via Hong Leong Online?
  Yes. You may view your account transaction history via Hong Leong Online by selecting Account Overview and View Transaction History for that particular account.
2. Can I request for my account statements to be sent through e-mail?
  Account statements will only be sent through normal mail, and strictly not through e-mail due to security reasons. However, you can view the statement for your current account and credit card in Hong Leong Online.
3. Do the balance inquiries displayed for current and savings accounts include today's transaction?
  Yes, the balance inquiries displayed include transactions performed on the same day.
4. What if I have a new address and phone information?

You can update your mailing address and telephone number by selecting "Update My Account" and "Update Contact Info".

Account or Card Maintenance
1. If I am already a Hong Leong Online customer, how can I register my new credit card account for Hong Leong Online services?
  Just select "Update My Account" and "My Registered Accounts" to add your new credit card number. Your credit card information can be viewed when you next login to Hong Leong Online.
2. Can I delete 3rd party account information that show in Hong Leong Online?
  Yes, you can. Select "Update My Account" and "Favourite 3rd Party Accounts". Then select an account by clicking the checkbox at the delete column and click on the "Delete" button.
Funds Transfer
1. Can I perform a fund transfer from my account to a 3rd party account (Savings, Current and / or Credit Card account)?
  Yes, you may perform a 3rd Party Fund Transfer by selecting "Fund Transfer" and "3rd Party Fund Transfer" for savings and current accounts. To transfer funds from your account to a 3rd party HLB credit card, select "Credit Cards" and "Transfer to 3rd Party Credit Card".
2. When will funds be transferred?
  The funds will be transferred immediately when the transaction has been performed successfully. Fund transfers via IBG will follow the normal IBG transfer period.
3. Will there be any record for my safekeeping when I perform a funds transfer?
  You will receive an acknowledgement whether your transaction was successful or failed. You may print this acknowledgement by clicking the "Print" button.
Credit Card Services
1. Can I perform 3rd party credit-card payment?
  Yes, you can perform a 3rd party HLB credit card payment by selecting "Credit Cards" and "Transfer to 3rd Party HLB Credit Card"
2. How far back can I view my credit card statement?
  You can view your credit card statements for the past 6 months.
3. If I make the credit card payment today via Hong Leong Online, will my credit card account information be updated immediately?
  Yes. The credit card payment will be updated immediately. You can view your credit card account information by selecting the account in "Account Summary".
4. Can I redeem my bonus point rewards online?
  Yes. You can perform bonus point enquiries and bonus point rewards redemptions via Hong Leong Online. Select "Credit Cards" and "Reward Points Inquiry/ Redemption".
Service Request
1. If I have issued a cheque, can I stop the cheque via Hong Leong Online personal?
  Yes, you can select the cheque you want to stop in the "Stop Cheque" option.
2. Upon requesting for a cheque book, what is the mode of collection?
  Once requested, you can collect your cheque book 3 days later at your domicile branch.
3. How far back can I request for my current account statement?
  You can request for an online current account statement as far as 2 months back. For physical current account statements, there is no restriction on the period requested. However, there will be charges for this service.
4. Are there any charges for the account statements to be sent through normal mail?
  Yes, account statement request will be charged RM5.00 per page.
5. Can I report loss of ATM Card via Hong Leong Online?
  Yes. You may report loss of ATM Card via Hong Leong Online by selecting "Report Loss Of Bankcard". Your ATM card will be deactivated immediately.
6. Can I temporary increase my e-POS limit in order to purchase goods or services?
  Select "Service Request" and "e-POS Limit Maintenance". Key in your ATM Card number and click "Temporary e-POS Limit". Then, key in the amount that you would like to increase in order to purchase your goods or services. The e-POS limit will revert to the original limit the next day.
7. Can I set my e-POS Limit more than my entitlement limit?
  No. You cannot set your e-POS limit more than your entitlement limit.
e-Bill Payment
1. Do I need to register to perform e-Bill Payment?
  No, you do not need to register your bill account. However, if you do not register the bill account number, you will require a TAC to perform the payment.
2. What if I did not register for my utility bill?
  You can still perform an e-Bill Payment via Hong Leong Online. You would need to select Non-Registered Account and key in the bill number. You will need to request and key in a TAC to complete the payment.
3. How far in advance should I perform my e-Bill Payments?
  Bills paid via Hong Leong Online personal should be performed at least 5 working days before the payment due date.
4. What account can I use to make a e-Bill Payment via Hong Leong Online?
  You can use any of your Hong Leong Bank current or savings accounts to make the e-Bill Payment.
5. Can I use my credit card to pay bills via Hong Leong Online?
  Payment via credit cards will be available once we have the credit card merchant arrangements sorted out.
Internet PIN
1. What is an Internet PIN?
  An Internet PIN is a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) used for your first-time registration with Hong Leong Online. This PIN can only be used once.
The Internet PIN is also required when you reset your password in the event that you forget your password or your account is deactivated
2. How do I apply for an Internet PIN?
  You can apply for the Internet PIN at our Hong Leong ATMs or via Phone Banking where you can key in your own PIN.
The Internet PIN is also required when you reset your password in the event that you forget your password or your account is deactivated.
What is a TAC?
1. What is a TAC?
  TAC is a 6-digit unique security code that is used for specific high-risk online financial transactions, for example, transfer funds to a non-registered 3rd party account.

The TAC is valid for 6 hours upon request and once activated, it is valid for 1 hour. The TAC can be used for multiple transactions within the 1 hour period.
2. How do I apply for the TAC?
  You can apply for the TAC via the Phone Banking or at our Hong Leong ATMs. You can also apply for the TAC in Hong Leong Online; however, you must have registered your mobile phone number first via our ATMs or Phone Banking as the TAC will be sent via SMS to your mobile phone.
What if I have another question?
You may email us at or call our Hong Leong Call Centre at 03-7626 8899 from 8:00am to 11:00pm daily. We look forward to serve you.
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